Episode 9


Parham is one of the country’s finest Elizabethan Houses, complete with a Great Hall and Long Gallery. Its tranquillity and timeless beauty have changed little over the centuries.

The Pearsons found it in a dilapidated state of repair, and employed the architect Victor Heal to help them carry out a major renovation and conservation of the building during the 1920s and 1930s. They researched meticulously the architectural features they found, restoring them using traditional methods of craftsmanship.


The Rounds:

Round 1: Valuation

A Derby porcelain cabinet plate, circa 1815 painted by Thomas Steele.
£1850 | David Foord-Brown | www.davidfoord-brown.com

Victorian Bulldog Head Inkwell with glass bottle- 1879.
£1500 | Maison Dog | www.maisondog.co.uk

Pair of signatures with an extraordinary photo by Downey, showing Albert Victor & George V as young boys in their naval uniforms.
£1250 | Sophie Dupre | www.sophiedupre.com

Military Swagger stick. 1907.
£800 | London Medal Company | www.london-medals.co.uk

A pair of mid 20th century Japanese Cloisonné Vases depicting Irises.
£600 | The Swan | www.theswan.co.uk

Diamante and stone necklace. Deco style from the 1950s.
£390 | The Swan | www.theswan.co.uk

A 1980's Blankety Blank Chequebook and Pen.
£280 | Private Collection

A mid 20th Century Majolica style Pelican Jug.
£30 | Private Collection

A 1920's French terrestrial Globe.
£240 | The Swan | www.theswan.co.uk

A 20th century Cambodian white metal Monkey. Made for the tourist market.
£150 | Private Collection.

Round 3: Bamboozle

All items kindly supplied by The Morris Collins Collection

Round 4: Masterpiece

A signed document from Henry VIII dating from 1534.
£20,000 | Bloomsbury Auctions | www.frasersautographs.com

Bronze Statue of a boy on Milk Churn 19th century by Duchoiselle.
£1500 | Sutton and Roberts www.suttonsandrobertsons.com

Cardigan worn by Al Pacino in Godfather part III.
£4000 Fundraising Auctions | www.fundraising-auctions.co.uk

Haida Sgaan. Supernatural being argillite sculpture 2007 by Christian White.
£32,500 | Xupes | www.xupes.com

French 19th Century Golden Ormolu clock.
£950 | Xupes | www.xupes.com

Rare Early Roullet & Decamps Walking Terrier Dog. With clockwork mechanism.
£1200 | Maison Dog | www.maisondog.co.uk

Indian and Chinese Regency Penwork Cabinet.
£16,500 Hampton Antiques | www.hamptonantiques.co.uk

Solid Silver Rolls Royce Statuette - Signed "Charles Sykes".
£3000 | Sutton and Roberts www.suttonsandrobertsons.com

Framed Cricket Bat.
£300 | Private Collection

1831 Silver Gilt Candelabra By John Craddock.
£30,000 | Sutton and Roberts www.suttonsandrobertsons.com

Parian bust by John Bell.
£400 | The Swan | www.theswan.co.uk

A limited edition illustrated Grimm’s Fairy Tales signed by Arthur Rackham.
£2500 | George Bayntun Fine Bindings and Rare Books | www.georgebayntun.com