Episode 8


Kentwell is not a 'stately home' but very much a lived-in and loved family home, something it has been for over 500 years. The public see much of the House, including rooms used by the family - usually with obvious signs of use.

Over 150 years ago it was written that 'visitors emerging from the Avenue on a summery evening cannot withold admiration when they see the manifold beauties of Kentwell Hall'. This remains true today.


The Rounds:

Round 1: Valuation

South African Dinky Universal Jeep.
£2000 | Diecast Gems | www.diecastgems.com

Regency period rosewood & brass inlaid tea caddy, circa 1825.
£1600 | David Foord-Brown | www.davidfoord-brown.com

Ottoman Dirk Dagger.
£1850 | London Medal Company | www.london-medals.co.uk

19th century enamelled Limoges candlesticks.
£800 | Private Collection

Isle of Wight map.
£380 | The Swan | www.theswan.co.uk

Canton Chinese Tortoise Shell Box.
£600 | Private Collection

Talking Dalek 1975.
£300 | The Who Shop | www.thewhoshop.com


Blue glaze lion.
£20 | Private Collection

Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There. CARROLL (Lewis).
£280 | George Bayntun Fine Bindings and Rare Books | www.georgebayntun.com

Military Suitcase.
£100 | Private Collection.

Round 2: Distinctly Vintage

Blue and gold silk opera coat with black and blue beaded flapper

The flapper dress was the embodiment of the 1920s free spirit attitude.


1930s saw a move towards a more feminine silhouette, with bias-cut clothes in smooth fabrics emphasizing the natural contours of the body.


Beaded Edwardian evening gown
High boned collars replaced by low V necklines
The Edwardian period coincided with the Belle Epoch or beautiful era.

1970s ysl blue taffeta gypsy style top skirt & sash

Ruffles, bow neckline, Peasant style, Maxi skirt, 30s revival, Finished seams.

Round 3: Bamboozle

All items kindly supplied by The Morris Collins Collection

Round 4: Masterpiece

Pair of silver tea caddies in original case by John Wakefield London 1818.
£10,000 | Sutton and Roberts www.suttonsandrobertsons.com

A modern 1st Battalion, The Buffs, Royal East Kent Regiment Band Drum.
£450 | London Medal Company | www.london-medals.co.uk

19th Century figures in a scene by A. Cecchini.
£3000 Mcmillan Fine Art | www.mcmillanfineart.com

Victorian Diamond Necklace from 1870s.
£18,500 | Michael Rose | www.michaelrose.com

Late Elizabethan Bronze Mortar.
£5000 | Paul Beedham Antiques | www.beedhamantiques.co.uk

Cricket Ball on Stand.
£60 | Private Collection

Tlingit Feast Bowl - from the North West USA Coast.
£20,000 | Private Collection

Cloisonné vase.
£150 | Private Collection

A pair of circa 1800 portrait miniatures.
£1600 | Private Collection

1810 Barrauds timepiece.
£19,000 | Anthony Woodburn | www.anthonywoodburn.com

Original vintage cruise poster issued by White Star Line from the 1920s.
£2500 | Antikbar | www.antikbar.co.uk

Cluster of ammonites from the Early Jurassic of Germany.
£440 | Dinosaurland | www.home.btconnect.com/dinosaurland/