Episode 7

Stately Home: Hever Castle

Experience 700 years of history at the romantic double-moated 13th century castle once the childhood home of Anne Boleyn, second wife of Henry VIII and Mother of Elizabeth I. Located in the village of Hever, Kent, near Edenbridge.

Round 1: Valuation

Cruet Set
Price: £2,490

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Fly Fishing Wallet
Price: £1,600

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Shell Sign
Price: £900

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Tanzanian Tribal Doll
Price: £650

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Royal Doulton 'Sonia' figurine
Price: £480

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Harrod’s Pin
Price: £200


Monorail Set
Price: £50

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Round 2: Bamboozle

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Round 3: Masterpiece

Lynn Chadwick Sculpture
Price: £48,000

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Disney Signed Book - Donald Duck Sees South America
Price: £4,500

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Silver (plated) Wine Cooler
Price: £1,950

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Gallé Raison Souffle Vase

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Pende Mask Democratic Republic Congo
Price: £3,250

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Tag Heuer Monaco Calibre 12 watch
Price: £3,500


Anglo Norman Green Man Water Spout
Price: £16,500

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St Jerome Penitent Carving
Price: £5,000

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Norman Wisdom Signed Cap
Price: £290

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