Episode 6

Stately Home: Lydiard House

There's a wealth of history waiting to be discovered in the State Rooms of Lydiard House, celebrated for its ornate plasterwork, original furnishings and family portraits dating back to Elizabethan times.

Round 1: Valuation

Shagreen Cigar Box
Price: £2,250

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Rheinish Vase
Price: £740

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Silver Plated Bottle Holder
Price: £480

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Corgi Monkeemobile Car
Price: £250

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Gucci Belt
Price: £200

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Portrait of a Girl
Price: £100


Large jug
Price: £60

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Round 2: Distinctly Vintage - Fashion

Vintage Fashion kindly supplied by:

Round 3: Masterpiece

Large Flight Barr & Barr Platter
Price: £17,500

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Painting of a Female Figure
Price: £1,800

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Freedom of the City of London scroll
Price: £40

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Patek Phillipe Watch

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Guinness Poster
Price: £4,650

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Sevres Porcelain Plate
Price: £330

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Jane Austen Signature
Price: £32,500

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Ball Headed Club
Price: £4,000


Art Deco Plane
Price: £2,750

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