Episode 2

Stately Home: Lydiard House

There's a wealth of history waiting to be discovered in the State Rooms of Lydiard House, celebrated for its ornate plasterwork, original furnishings and family portraits dating back to Elizabethan times.

Round 1: Valuation

Commemorative Jug
Commemorative Saltglaze Jug for the accession of Queen Victoria in 1837. The jug is most unusually large and it is also uncommon to find commemoratives which not only show the young Queen but also her mother. Also, its size is huge compared to the regular small commemorative jugs. Price: £1,500

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Tribal Headrest
An early wooden Dinka headrest curved in form with a woven leather handle strap. Southern Sudan. Early to mid 20th century. Carved with down turned and upturned ‘lugs’ thought to represent a cow’s udder. The headrest has a deep well used patina on the surface. Headrests would be carried over shoulder, along with their spear and shield. It was a status symbol, as well as being a headrest to sleep on and a stool to sit on. Price: £1,200

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Sterling Silver Novelty Box
A 1909 Asprey sterling silver stamp box in the form of a miniature chest of drawers. Asprey are considered one of the finest silver makers valuable as lots of collectors for unique items such as this. Lots of people collect miniature items like this, easy to collect and take up not very much space. Price: £980

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Take No Risk Sign
Enamel 1940s. Appeals to 2 markets; people who collect automobilia and those who use it as a piece of art to decorate their home or garage Price: £680

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One Armed Bandit Berkeley
Decorators pieces for people who collect mid 20th century items. Price: £500

Nail Buffer
Hugely collectible market with original box and in unused condition. These things aren’t easy to find so if you want one, that's the kind of money you’re going to need to spend to take it home. Price: £250

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Vintage Stopwatch
Common item, not by a well known maker. Price: £40



Round 2: Bamboozle

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Round 3: Masterpiece

Weise Cufflinks - Gold and Cornelian Intaglios
Intaglios are where the value is 'because of their great age. They were set into cufflinks c1860. Rare carved semi precious stones would have originally been used during in signet or seal rings. Grand tour - show wealth, turned into cufflinks. Price: £20,000

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Chanel Velvet Clutch Bag
Iconic Chanel bag in Velvet from 1986. Huge collecting market at the moment. Due to demand, apparently Chanel handbags are gaining value quicker than the stock market. Price: £2,000

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Sowei Dancing Mask
Wood. Sowei [Sow-way] Mask of the Mende People [Man-day]. Early to mid 20th century. Unique to Sierra Leone. One of few tribal masks worn only by females, during rite-of-passage ceremonies. Ideal of feminine beauty: elaborate hairstyle and rolls of skin under neck. Not hugely rare. Price: £1,800

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Maori Feather Box
Feather box “wakahuia” (waka-hue-ya) strictly a portable “treasure box” used for storing personal and valuable objects by Maori tribesmen, including the prized tail feathers of the now extinct Huia bird used by high ranking chiefs as hair ornaments. 19th century. Taranaki region, North Island New Zealand. Price:£14,000


Trafalgar Medal
Produced in 1805, by Matthew Boulton. Medal given to the “Heroes of Trafalgar” and was given to all who fought under Nelson in battle of Trafalgar. There are a few hundred around (although lots were thrown overboard by disgruntled sailors). Emma Hamilton, Lord Nelson’s mistress, had a role in the medal’s design because, in the words of Boulton’s agent, no-one was more likely to remember Nelson’s likeness. Price: £2,200

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Derby Dessert Plate
A DERBY porcelain oval shaped dessert dish, circa 1815. With a finely painted scene within a rich blue & gilt ground. Would be worth more if it had rest of the dessert service. Price: £1,950

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Beatles signed programme seller’s dress
A Beatles dress worn by a programme seller at the world premiere of A Hard Day’s Night, London Pavilion, 6 July 1964. This dress was one of a very few items of clothing provided to the 12 teenage programme sellers. Price: £15,000

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Guard Sentry Box
Late 19th Century cigar box, with original water colour. Lovely craftsmanship, unusual and good condition. Regiment restricts it as well as smoking going out of fashion. Price: £3,450

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Art Nouveau Vase
With art Nouveau glass it's all about the maker and this is unsigned. Beautiful with silver overlay, but the lack of maker's mark limits its value. Price: £1,650

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