Episode 14


Kentwell is not a 'stately home' but very much a lived-in and loved family home, something it has been for over 500 years. The public see much of the House, including rooms used by the family - usually with obvious signs of use.

Over 150 years ago it was written that 'visitors emerging from the Avenue on a summery evening cannot withold admiration when they see the manifold beauties of Kentwell Hall'. This remains true today.


The Rounds:

Round 1: Valuation

A document transferring the rights of "History of the English Speaking Peoples" by Winston Churchill.
£6000 | Autografica www.autografica.co.uk

Unboxed Ford Thunderbird French S. African Dinky.
£1500 | Diecast Gems | www.diecastgems.com

An 18 ct gold Most Honourable Order of the Bath, C.B.
£880 | London Medal Company | www.london-medals.co.uk

A Moorcroft Squat Pot.
£600 | Moorcroft www.moorcroft.com

Louis Vuitton 1997 ladies handbag.
£550 | Xupes | www.xupes.com

A theatre programme for the Finsbury Park Empire 1954 signed by Laurel and Hardy.
£500 | Autografica www.autografica.co.uk

Tortoiseshell aide memoire.
£320 | The Swan | www.theswan.co.uk

Vintage radio
£60 | Private Collection

Georgian Irish Silver Snuffer Tray.
£380 | Private Collection

Vintage Jaguar car mascot. £130 | The Swan | www.theswan.co.uk

Vintage Jaguar car mascot.
£130 | The Swan | www.theswan.co.uk

Round 2: Distinctly Vintage

1900's. Edwardian Mourning Dress.

Queen Victoria's prolonged mourning for her husband, Prince Albert, made the practice of wearing mourning dress a social norm.


High empire line. Big scoop neckline typical of this era. Jane Austin style. Flimsy cotton, very fashionable.


Made of woven brockade - weaved in Spitalfields market. Hand woven flowers signify a wealthy woman would have worn


Victorian dress echoed Queen Victoria's belief
in simplicity.

Round 3: Bamboozle

All items kindly supplied by The Morris Collins Collection

Round 4: Masterpiece

800 Standard Silver, Large Stag. German circa 1900.
£13,800 | I Franks | www.ifranks.com

Battle Worn Union Jack Banner.
£80 | Private Collection

Minute of Decree Signed 'Napoleon' as King of Italy.
£1750 | Sophie Dupre | www.sophiedupre.com

Meteorite from Argentina composed of nickel and iron.
£11,000 | Dinosaurland | home.btconnect.com/dinosaurland

Late medieval limestone head of a jester.
£4850 | Paul Beedman | www.beedhamantiques.co.uk

John Speed map of 1676 Kent.
£790 | The Swan | www.theswan.co.uk

A No’anga - Polynesian chief’s stool from the Cook Islands
£16,000 | Private Collection

Silver Plated Decanter Trolley Circa 1880.
£2250 | Antikbar | www.antikbar.co.uk

A Coromandel writing box inlaid with brass and mother of pearl
£2950 | Hamptons Antiques | www.hamptonantiques.co.uk

The helmet of the character – ‘The Kurgan’ from the 1986 British action fantasy film ‘Highlander’.
£10,000 | The Who Shop | www.thewhoshop.com

c1780 2nd Deuxieme Voyage of Captain Cook Atlas Book
£2000 | Parade Antiques | www.paradeantiques.co.uk

Fine 19th century Antique Japanese Meiji Bronze Crab Figure 19Th C.
£700 | Xupes | www.xupes.com