Episode 13


Although 18th Century in appearance, Firle Place was originally built in Tudor times on the site of an earlier house by Sir John Gage. Much of the original building remains beneath the eighteenth century masonry and plasterwork of the house we see today.

Significant features within the house include the screen of fluted Ionic columns in the Drawing Room designed by William Kent and the distinctive Long Gallery, which is thought to have been designed by Colen Campbell.

Welcome to Firle. One of England's finest country estates.


The Rounds:

Round 1: Valuation

Tanzanian tribal chief's title staff.
£1900 | Tribal Gathering | www.tribalgatheringlondon.com

Farnell teddy bear.
£1800 | Sue Pearson Bears and Bygones | www.suepearson.co.uk

Louis VI style golden Candelabra x 2.
£1000 | The Swan | www.theswan.co.uk

Spode porcelain spill vase circa 1820.
£950 | David Foord-Brown | www.davidfoord-brown.com

Prussian wartime helmet 1915.
£450 | London Medal Company | www.london-medals.co.uk

Early to mid 19th century Miniature.
£300 | Private Collection

Brass and copper sundial in deco style.
£200 | The Swan | www.theswan.co.uk

The poetical works of Byron 1860. 
£30 | George Bayntun Fine Bindings and Rare Books | www.georgebayntun.com

Thai carved wooden box.
£150 | Private Collection

Indian toy horse.
£100 | Private Collection.

Round 2: Distinctly Vintage

Cars kindly supplied by:

Basingstoke Classic Car Club

Round 3: Bamboozle

All items kindly supplied by The Morris Collins Collection

Round 4: Masterpiece

Famille vert charger. Kangxi period
£16,000 | JAN Fine Art | www.jan-fineart-london.com

Autograph envelope signed by Charles Dickens. Postmarked 1847.
£470 | Sophie Dupre | www.sophiedupre.com

An Edwardian Silverplate Canteen of flatware, circa 1905 by Walker & Hall.
£1200 | I Franks | www.silver-flatware.co.uk

Bravery medals awarded to Harold Sidney Bride the wireless operator on the Titanic.
£25,000 | London Medal Company | www.london-medals.co.uk

Chinese head on stand 18th-19th century.
£480 | JAN Fine Art | www.jan-fineart-london.com

A painting of a lady in a white dress. Amelia Elizabeth 1819. £1500 | The Swan | www.theswan.co.uk

A painting of a lady in a white dress. Amelia Elizabeth 1819.
£1500 | The Swan | www.theswan.co.uk

Emerald and diamond bracelet set in platinum. Total emerald weight: 8.00ct 1930s/40s.
£39,500 Michael Rose | www.michaelrose.com

A vintage football.
£50 | Private Collection

A bronze bust of Zeus.
£470 | The Swan | www.theswan.co.uk

Darwin signed letter to Sir Edwin Ray Lankester (who became director of Natural History at the British Museum) complimenting him on his book. Dates from 1870.
£18,000 | Bloomsbury Auctions | www.frasersautographs.com

Percussion Cap 5 shot officers pistol from Crimean war.
£1500 | Private Collection

A magnificent pair of large Derby Porcelain Platters. George III, circa 1815.
£1750 | David Foord-Brown | www.davidfoord-brown.com