Episode 12


Kentwell is not a 'stately home' but very much a lived-in and loved family home, something it has been for over 500 years. The public see much of the House, including rooms used by the family - usually with obvious signs of use.

Over 150 years ago it was written that 'visitors emerging from the Avenue on a summery evening cannot withold admiration when they see the manifold beauties of Kentwell Hall'. This remains true today.


The Rounds:

Round 1: Valuation

C1580 Japanese Tanto dagger from the Mino school.
£1950 | Parade Antiques | www.paradeantiques.co.uk

Attractive Album in Russian, 'The Childhood of the Imperial Heir Alexei Nikolaevich.'
£1500 | Sophie Dupre | www.sophiedupre.com

c1890 Wemyss Ware Large Toilet Basin Bowl & Jug Rose Pattern.
£1200 | Parade Antiques | www.paradeantiques.co.uk

A large colour programme Eric Clapton tour signed by Clapton and other members.
£600 | Autografica www.autografica.co.uk

Nocturnal star dial.
£450 | Private Collection

Catterfelder Puppenfabrik No. 4 Doll c1910.
£300 | Parade Antiques | www.paradeantiques.co.uk

Silver plated cruet set vintage car.
£250 | The Swan | www.theswan.co.uk

c1985 Royal Doulton Davey Crocket & Santa Anna Character Jug.
£60 | Parade Antiques | www.paradeantiques.co.uk

James Bond Model 261 Aston Martin DBS 1965.
£200 | Private Collection

Marriage Box. £120 | Private Collection

Marriage Box.
£120 | Private Collection

Round 2: Distinctly Vintage

1950's. Classic Ballerina skirt length which started due to fabric shortages in the war.

Shape was pioneered by Christian Dior in 1947 marketed as 'The New Look'. This particular dress - American couture.


1940's. Typical puff shoulder to emphasise the waist

This particular dress rare as it is silk lace which was at a shortage during war. Normally in satin.

1970's. Looks Edwardian but in fact an example of Edwardian revival

Designer piece - Frank Usher influenced by Ossie Clarke. Liberty's vintage department cited Frank Usher as being one of the most coveted collector's labels.

Round 3: Bamboozle

All items kindly supplied by The Morris Collins Collection

Round 4: Masterpiece

Signed presentation photos from Hirohito & his wife Empress Nagako.
£17,500 | Sophie Dupre | www.sophiedupre.com

A leg bone from a small, unidentified, herbivorous Cretaceous dinosaur 80 million years old.
£220 | Dinosaurland | www.home.btconnect.com/dinosaurland/

Green Tazza with flowers.
£300 | Private Collection

A Rosewood antique Waggonette in the Sheraton Manner from 1790.
£11,500 | Michael Lipitch | www.english-furniture.net

Antique Chinese Qianlong Lidded Chocolate Pot 18Th C.
£1180 | Xupes | www.xupes.com

Original vintage advertising poster for the alcoholic drink, Vodka Relsky 1º Kumel.
£1750 | Antikbar | www.antikbar.co.uk

A rare cartonnier / case covered with specimen examples of various marbles 1770.
£85,000 | Michael Lipitch | www.english-furniture.net

Silver Plated Decanter Trolley Circa 1880.
£1980 | I Franks | www.ifranks.com

The Wind in the Willows. 1931 Illustrated by Ernest H. Shepard.
£250 | George Bayntun Fine Bindings and Rare Books | www.georgebayntun.com

Finely carved walnut Elizabethan Wedding Armourial Plaque.
£10,000 | Paul Beedman | www.beedhamantiques.co.uk

Clarice Cliff Oranges and lemons pattern sugar cone.
£800 | Quite Bizarre | www.quitebizarre.co.uk

Oil on canvas c1790. Boy with hoop Sir W Beechey.
£990 | The Swan | www.theswan.co.uk