Episode 11

Location: Parham

Parham is one of the country’s finest Elizabethan Houses, complete with a Great Hall and Long Gallery. Its tranquillity and timeless beauty have changed little over the centuries.

The Pearsons found it in a dilapidated state of repair, and employed the architect Victor Heal to help them carry out a major renovation and conservation of the building during the 1920s and 1930s. They researched meticulously the architectural features they found, restoring them using traditional methods of craftsmanship.


The Rounds:

Round 1: Valuation

A musical Black Forest whiphook, carved circa 1880. 
£1200 | Maison Dog | www.maisondog.co.uk

A copy of the 1974 'Marvin Gaye Live' album, signed and dedicated by Marvin Gaye.
£1000 | Private Collection

Victorian 9 carat rose gold greyhound fob set on a ladies chain.
£600 | Maison Dog | www.maisondog.co.uk

18 carat gold cigarette holder with a sapphire.
£500 | White Rabbit Glass

Rosewood and bone inlaid box, Colonial fan pattern.
£370 | Private Collection

Typed letter signed by PG Wodehouse from 1974, the year before the novelist’s death.

Mid 19th century Derby plate.
£220 | The Swan | www.theswan.co.uk

A 1990 bottle of Armagnac in its box. Not early or rare vintage.

Mary Gregory late 19th century cut glass wine decanter and stopper.
£100 | Private Collection

A brass 19th century lion paw doorstep.

Round 3: Bamboozle

All items kindly supplied by The Morris Collins Collection

Round 4: Masterpiece

9 carat gold bowl. This is only small (11cm tall). Its unusual to get solid gold items and people might think its silver gilt or not even gold. Also, the style looks like it might be 1730s but its clearly not that old. Circa 1920.
£10,970 | I Franks London | www.ifranks.com

Florence Nightingale autograph letter 1900.
£750 | Sophie Dupre | www.sophiedupre.com

Gents Stainless Steel Rolex Oyster perpetual “Bubble back” bracelet watch 1947.
£2950 | Suttons and Robertsons | www.suttonsandrobertsons.com

Tortoise Shell Casket.
£19,500 | Mayflower Antiques | www.mayflower-antiques.co.uk

Set of 8 Turkish Silver and Gilt leaf design pierced plates in fitted case.
£1000 | Suttons and Robertsons | www.suttonsandrobertsons.com

Officers Picklehaube and leather case
£1850 | London Medal Company | www.london-medals.co.uk

Bobby Moore cap. 1970 England v Belgium game. English captain Bobby Moore is one of the most famous footballers ever, and football memorabilia is highly collectable. England won this particular match 3-1.
£12,000 Autografica www.autografica.co.uk

Lalique Archer. This Archer Car mascot was produced in 1926. It is less rare than other Lalique glass mascots, as a relatively high volume of this type were produced.
£3500 | Geoff

Leuchars Games Compendium veneered in coromandel, circa 1810. All pieces still remain in the 6 games.
£1950 | Hamptons Antiques | www.hamptonantiques.co.uk

A very rare large Venetian Filigree Wine Cup or Goblet; late 16th / early 17th Century. Most goblets of this calibre are in important collections or museums. In perfect condition
£20,000 | Mayflower Antiques | www.mayflower-antiques.co.uk

Rolls Royce Spirit Decanter Circa 1960 Retailed by Harrods, it is chromium plated with glass container and original box.
£1500 | Hamptons Antiques | www.hamptonantiques.co.uk

Decorative pair antique Nepalese Gurkha Kukri knives and sheaths dating from the 19th century. With inwardly curved blade used as tool and weapon. Common weapon used in both world war 1 and 2 with each troop issued 2.
£600 | Xupes | www.xupes.com