Episode 1

Stately Home: Hever Castle

Experience 700 years of history at the romantic double-moated 13th century castle once the childhood home of Anne Boleyn, second wife of Henry VIII and Mother of Elizabeth I. Located in the village of Hever, Kent, near Edenbridge.

Round 1: Valuation

Bellamine Stoneware Jug
It was essentially a mass produced item but to have it in a complete state is very good – they are still finding them buried in the sea but not all in complete condition. Very nice example when you think about the age of the piece and also that it was used so much transporting wines and other liquids. Price: £2,850

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Poster - Shredded Wheat
A well known brand but doesn’t have the collators following that more iconic brands and industries have. Price: £1,250

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Lee Enfield Rifle
Lee Enfield rifle. Iconic WWI weapon - a soldier’s personal weapon, there are a lot of them around so they don’t collect very much. C. 1915. Price: £800

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Porcupine Baskets
Made from the quills of porcupines. Probably from Ceylon and dating to around 1820. Some damage. Price: £540

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Art Deco Table Lighter
Very typical of the Art Deco period, which is hugely popular at present. The presentation plaque actually devalues it, as that has no relevance to anyone else. If didn't have that would be worth more. Smoking ephemera less desirable as nobody smokes. Price: £450

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An early wax Doll in basket.
Porcelain headed dolls are far more collected and so more valuable. Price: £100


Wedgwood Salt Box
Jasperware is very recognisable, but also quite common. Price: £60

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Round 2: Distinctly Vintage - Cars

Classic Cars kindly supplied by

Round 3: Masterpiece

Tibetan Gilt Bronze Buddha
Amitayus, the Buddha of Infinite Life, seated wearing crown, flowing robes, jewellery, on a double lotus throne holding a vase of longevity. Made in Tibet in the 18th C. by a specialist craftsman in a monastery. 18th C figure are very desirable due to the recent interest in buying sculptures by new collectors in mainland Chinese, particularly the crowned Buddhas. Later, less finely cast examples will fetch less. Price: £12,000


Not as old as it purports to be - purely a decorative item. Price: £150

Yoko Ono and John Lennon Signature
Rare to have both signatures on the same page. John Lennon is obviously more known for his part in the Beatles and so that is where his signature holds more value. Price: £1,800

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England’s Glory
A 1676 hand coloured engraved plan of London. This shows the parts of London rebuilt after the 1666 great fire of London. Very early. Price:£11,500

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Solomon Dance Staff
This dance staff is from the solomon islands which makes it a rare thing and from 1920’s. Price: £3,000


Victorian Chased Bowl
Henry Hollands 1877 with gilded interior. Price: £550

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Indiana Jones Whip
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade film used whip. Iconic Film. Price: £80,000

'A Lion'
'A Lion' watercolour by Cuthbert Edward Swan 1870-1931 (not precisely dated). He did a lot of watercolours of big cats. Animal subject matters especially exotic animals sell well. Price: £1,950

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Vanity Box
Outstanding example of a fully-fitted mid-19th century French "Palais Royal" combination sewing, writing, vanity and tea box, C. 1840. Although not a higher price the box opens to reveal a full set of original contents, which include some of the rarest, most outstanding quality pieces. Veneered in rare mulberry wood with canted top and inlaid engraved mother of pearl to the lid, with a shield-shaped escutcheon. Price: £4,950

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